Ghanshyam Singh
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Ghanshyam Singh contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
2018 for Vidhan Sabha from Sewda
WON against Radhelal Baghel
with 53% vote share
2013 for Vidhan Sabha from Sewda
LOST against Pradeep Agarwal
with 20% vote share
2008 for Vidhan Sabha from Datia
LOST against Narottam Mishra
with 19% vote share
1998 for Vidhan Sabha from Shamshabad
LOST against Rudrapratap Singh
with 0% vote share
1993 for Vidhan Sabha from Datia
WON against Shambhu Tiwari
with 46% vote share
1990 for Vidhan Sabha from Patan
LOST against Kalyani Pandey
with 0% vote share
Kalyani Pandey INC24,460
Kailash Chandra Sharma BJP23,319
Kejuram Verma IND20,328
Anant Ram Verma INC18,801
Sobaran Singh JD12,833
Vishal Singh BSP6,536
Rajulal Shrestha CPI4,338
Bhagun Prasad IND3,573
Banshi Lal Thakur IND1,584
Teji Lal IND1,446
Ramji Lal Shivastava IND1,137
Bharat Singh JNP1,093
Praveen Kumar IND1,079
Nand Kumar Bahel IND1,012
Mahipal Saini IND906
Vikas Choudhary IND824
Shiv Sankar IND810
Nathuram Dewangan IND602
Ramatan Jharia IND535
Rajaram RRP461
Kalute IND429
B.B. Singh IND333
Ram Kumar IND293
P. Laxmi IND283
Ratan Lal Mahra IND242
Vinayak DDP237
Ghanshyam Singh Verma IND195
Vinod Kumar IND178
Shantosh Kumar LKD(B)155
Dashrath Singh IND147
Simsoo Khuman Singh Jharia DDP146
Nirmal Chand Jain IND116
Dashrath IND102
Surendra Dubey IND59
Jeth Mal IND30
1980 for Vidhan Sabha from Bemetara
LOST against Ravendra Singh
with 21% vote share
1977 for Vidhan Sabha from Bagicha
LOST against Balsyus Bolva
with 30% vote share
1962 for Vidhan Sabha from Rewa
LOST against Shatrughan Singh
with 3% vote share