Lal Muni Choubey
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Lal Muni Choubey contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
2009 for Lok Sabha from Buxar
LOST against Jagada Nand Singh
with 21% vote share
1999 for Lok Sabha from Buxar
WON against Shivanand Tiwary
with 39% vote share
1996 for Lok Sabha from Buxar
WON against Tej Narain Singh
with 45% vote share
Lal Muni Choubey BJP265,427
Tej Narain Singh CPI201,663
Suresh Mehta CPI(ML)(L)61,148
Janardan Singh BSP22,753
Ranjit Singh BKUS7,838
Shyam Bihari Mishra INC7,028
Kamala Kant Tiwary IND5,772
Kameshwar Prasad Srivastwa IND1,610
Rup Narain Koiri IND1,544
Sudarshan Singh IND1,482
Bhola Choudhari IND1,001
Ranvijay Rai IND810
Lakshman Singh IND735
Munewar Singh IND677
Ramnaresh Pandey IND648
Dayanand Upadhyay JP609
Brahma Dayal Singh IND589
Tribhuw Ojha IND544
Sarayu Upadhya AIIC(T)494
Vijay Na. Pathak IND318
Bashist Rai IND286
Hasir Husain IND278
Shiv Jee Yadav IND260
Shambhu Choudhary IND258
Dileep Kumar IND252
Shiv Nath Pandey IND250
Vidya Sagar Tiwary IND247
Mohan Kumar Dubey IND223
Krishna Kumar Mishra IND177
Vinod Pathak IND173
Vindhyachala Singh IND133
Kumar Mohan Choubey IND126
Vrida Nand Singh IND85
1980 for Vidhan Sabha from Chainpur
WON against Ram Lahin Singh
with 21% vote share