Mahendra Karma
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Mahendra Karma contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1999 for Lok Sabha from Bastar
LOST against Baliram Kashyap
with 38% vote share
1998 for Vidhan Sabha from Dantewada
WON against Arjun Singh Kunjam
with 44% vote share
Mahendra Karma INC16,856
Arjun Singh Kunjam CPI11,283
Chamroo BJP9,373
Arjun Singh GGP976
1998 for Lok Sabha from Kanker
LOST against Sohan Potai
with 37% vote share
Sohan Potai BJP270,121
Mahendra Karma INC215,751
Arvind Netam BSP39,622
Ramnath Sarfe CPI28,536
Anjor Singh Gond CMM20,928
Amalsai Sori GGP5,590
Avinash Thakur JD5,006
Dauwa Ram BKKGP2,014
1996 for Lok Sabha from Bastar
WON against Mankuram Sodhi
with 32% vote share
1985 for Vidhan Sabha from Dantewara
LOST against Lakshman Karma
with 43% vote share
Lakshman Karma INC9,639
Mahendra Karma CPI8,819
Gopi Lachhu BJP2,086
1984 for Lok Sabha from Bastar
LOST against Mankuram Sodi
with 20% vote share
1980 for Vidhan Sabha from Dantewada
WON against Dinesh Kumar Kunjam
with 41% vote share
1977 for Lok Sabha from Bastar
LOST against Drigpal Shah Keshri Shah
with 15% vote share