Parma Nand
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Parma Nand contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1980 for Lok Sabha from Faridkot
LOST against Gurbinder Kaur
with 0% vote share
1972 for Vidhan Sabha from Abohar
LOST against Bal Ram
with 7% vote share
Bal Ram INC28,517
Satya Dev BJS13,628
Parma Nand IND3,132
Sartram Rai CPM955
Dyal Singh IND239
Baldev Krishan IND224
1969 for Vidhan Sabha from Abohar
LOST against Satya Dev
with 37% vote share
Satya Dev BJS20,936
Parma Nand IND16,932
Teg Ram INC6,395
Sita Ram IND1,034
1962 for Vidhan Sabha from Jagadhri
LOST against Shanno Devi
with 1% vote share
Shanno Devi INC17,791
Inder Sain JS12,801
Jai Gopal PSP10,663
Durga Dass SWA1,073
Chaman Lal IND586
Parma Nand IND394
Chaman Lal Luthra IND356
1962 for Vidhan Sabha from Abohar
LOST against Chandi Ram
with 21% vote share
Chandi Ram INC18,826
Gian Chand JS14,314
Parma Nand IND8,575
1962 for Vidhan Sabha from Panipat
LOST against Fateh Chand
with 42% vote share
Fateh Chand JS19,939
Parma Nand INC19,635
Raghbir CPI3,578
Ran Singh IND1,941
Desa SWA1,458
Chattar Singh REP368
Ralla Ram IND227
1957 for Vidhan Sabha from Panipat
WON against Jai Narain
with 56% vote share
Parma Nand INC21,941
Jai Narain BJS12,182
Gopi Krishan IND3,642
Pyara Lal IND1,534
1951 for Vidhan Sabha from Simla
LOST against Som Datt
with 1% vote share