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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Ravindera contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
2012 for Vidhan Sabha from Dadri
LOST against Satveer Singh Gurjar
with 1% vote share
1996 for Lok Sabha from Ballia
LOST against Chandra Shekhar
with 0% vote share
1996 for Lok Sabha from Muzaffarnagar
LOST against Sohan Veer
with 0% vote share
Sohan Veer BJP210,705
Sanjay Singh SP176,053
Tara Chand Shastri BSP114,413
Saiduzman INC49,843
Lakshmi Chand Saini IND3,035
Sureender Pal AIIC(T)1,811
Moti RPI1,404
Ajay Singh IND1,340
Badar Kazami IND1,089
Sat Pal IND931
Sita Ram IND896
Beermati IND820
Dinesh Kumar IND575
Abdul Wahid IND550
Ravinder IND543
Dinesh Kumar Parashar SHS534
Atma Ram IND466
Ravindera Kumar IND403
Riajudin IND359
Yash Pal IND335
Yoginder Pal IND319
Mukesh Sharma IND313
Raj Singh IND306
Krishna Pal IND261
Intsarali IND256
Zulfkar IND255
Om Prakash IND242
Nazim IND232
Ashok Sarawat IND231
Jay Singh IND183
Yograj Singh IND171
Nar Singh IND149
Prem Singh ABJS146
Narinder Kumar S/O Jagdev Singh IND140
Udal Singh IND136
Anil IND135
Rakesh Sharma IND126
Deepak Kumar IND126
Subey Singh IND122
Ghanshyam IND121
Murtaza Salmani IND115
Jugindera IND109
Rajindera Dass IND88
Prem Singh IND68
Balmukand Grade IND65
Narendra Kumar S/O Nakli Ram IND31