All elections held in this constituency whether its Loksabha and/or Vidhansabha, everything can be found on this page for Chadoora
Assembly Election Race in Chadoora

Election history
All the elections held in this constituency are all listed below in a timeline fashion order by year. Start exploring by hitting a cirlce in the middle or click on left/ right wings that would display a panel with all details for that election.
Vidhan Sabha election in 1996 WON by JKN party with 45% vote share
Winner: Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad JKN11,230
Gh. Nabi Mir INC6,134
Farooq Ahmad JD4,656
Gh. Hussain Wani BSP2,529
Mohd. Abdullah Dar BJP528
Vidhan Sabha election in 2002 WON by PDP party with 58% vote share
Winner: Javid Mir
Javid Mir PDP15,923
Ali Mohd Dar JKN7,876
Ghulam Mohd Hajam IND1,050
Abdul Rashid Ganai INC1,043
Mushtaq Shamim IND673
Syed Abdul Rashid IND475
Syed Ashiq Hussain IND221
Mrs. Shamima BJP178
Vidhan Sabha election in 2008 WON by JKPDP party with 41% vote share
Winner: Javaid Mustaffa Mir
Vidhan Sabha election in 2014 WON by JKPDP party with 48% vote share
Winner: Javaid Mustafa Mir
Javaid Mustafa Mir JKPDP25,770
Ali Mohammad Dar JKN24,077
Gulam Mohamad Bhat IND1,261
Bilal Ahmad Mir IND665
None Of The Above NOTA526
Mohammad Maqbool Malla INC384
Gh Mohd Paul NCP376
Riyaz Ahmad Rather JKNPP344