All elections held in this constituency whether its Loksabha and/or Vidhansabha, everything can be found on this page for Kangpokpi
Assembly Election Race in Kangpokpi

Election history
All the elections held in this constituency are all listed below in a timeline fashion order by year. Start exploring by hitting a cirlce in the middle or click on left/ right wings that would display a panel with all details for that election.
Vidhan Sabha election in 1974 WON by INC party with 55% vote share
Winner: Kishore
Kishore INC5,029
Paokhosei KNA4,117
Vidhan Sabha election in 1980 WON by INC party with 48% vote share
Winner: Kishore Thapa
Kishore Thapa INC5,353
Taokhosli Kipgen IND3,233
Paokhothang IND2,335
Ram Prasad JNP194
Vidhan Sabha election in 1984 WON by IND party with 43% vote share
Winner: Kishore Thapa
Kishore Thapa IND6,782
Thangkholet Kipgen IND3,686
Seikam IND3,582
Padma Prasad Kharel INC1,774
Ranjit Gurung IND57
R. K. Lungsubou IND49
K. A. Ashi Shimray IND12
Vidhan Sabha election in 1990 WON by JD party with 24% vote share
Winner: L. S. John
L. S. John JD4,529
Shehkhogin Pagin Kipgen ICS(SCS)4,502
Tongkhohao Hangshing MPP3,770
Kishore INC2,922
Hari Prasad Nepal IND2,367
Apao Chongloi IND311
Ranjit Gurung MHPC83
Purna Prasad Sedai IND31
Vidhan Sabha election in 1995 WON by MPP party with 45% vote share
Winner: Thangminlen
Thangminlen MPP9,134
Kishore Thapa SAP7,062
L.S. John INC4,011
Solomon Veino IND308
Vidhan Sabha election in 2000 WON by NCP party with 63% vote share
Winner: Thangminlien Kipgen
Thangminlien Kipgen NCP14,565
Ranjit Gurung INC5,432
Hari Prasad Nepal BJP3,010
Kishore Thapa SAP53
Om Bahadur Cheetry JD(U)22
Vungkholal Chongloi FPM21
Vidhan Sabha election in 2002 WON by FPM party with 40% vote share
Winner: Thangminlien
Thangminlien FPM9,265
Hari Prasad Nepal BJP5,869
V.L. Chongloi INC4,690
Kishor Thapa SAP2,276
Achong NCP894
S. Low IND66
R. S. Daphya MSCP54
L. S. John NNLP18
Vidhan Sabha election in 2007 WON by NPP party with 38% vote share
Winner: Thangminlen Kipgen
Thangminlen Kipgen NPP8,693
Kishor Thapa IND6,522
Haokholal Hangshing INC5,589
S. Daphya IND1,495
Tek Bahadur IND185
S. Low IND96
Vidhan Sabha election in 2012 WON by MSCP party with 39% vote share
Winner: Mrs. Nemcha Kipgen
Mrs. Nemcha Kipgen MSCP6,639
Khadga Bahadur AITC6,196
Haokholal Hangshing INC3,420
Padam Kharel JD(U)547
Bhumi Prasad Basnet IND222
Vidhan Sabha election in 2017 WON by BJP party with 52% vote share
Winner: Nemcha Kipgen
Nemcha Kipgen BJP13,485
Kharga Tamang IND11,188
Athikho Solomon Enah NPF875
None Of The Above NOTA289
Soshim Keishing NCP228
Vidhan Sabha election in 2022 WON by BJP party with 57% vote share
Winner: Nemcha Kipgen
Nemcha Kipgen BJP14,412
Soshim Gurung JD(U)9,016
Ngamkhohen Kipgen INC1,376