All elections held in this constituency whether its Loksabha and/or Vidhansabha, everything can be found on this page for Karur
Assembly Election Race in Karur

Election history
All the elections held in this constituency are all listed below in a timeline fashion order by year. Start exploring by hitting a cirlce in the middle or click on left/ right wings that would display a panel with all details for that election.
Lok Sabha election in 1957 WON by INC party with 51% vote share
Winner: K. Periasami Gounder
K. Periasami Gounder INC105,399
V. R. Seshiyan IND73,135
Rajachidambaram IND14,369
V. Perumal IND14,168
Lok Sabha election in 1962 WON by INC party with 49% vote share
Winner: R. Ramanathan Chettiar
R. Ramanathan Chettiar INC139,385
P. Ponnambala Gounder SWA100,229
R. Karuppiah CPI47,232
Vidhan Sabha election in 1967 WON by INC party with 45% vote share
Winner: T.M.Nallaswamy
T.M.Nallaswamy INC33,552
S.Nallaswamy CPM28,677
K.S.Ramasamy CPI11,846
V.K.Velsamy IND573
Lok Sabha election in 1967 WON by SWA party with 53% vote share
Winner: M. Gounder
M. Gounder SWA209,380
R. Chettiar INC185,662
Vidhan Sabha election in 1971 WON by DMK party with 57% vote share
Winner: Nallasamy
Nallasamy DMK45,977
Nall Swamys T. M. NCO35,320
Lok Sabha election in 1971 WON by INC party with 59% vote share
Winner: Gopal
Gopal INC238,315
V. Ramanathan NCO165,022
Lok Sabha election in 1977 WON by INC party with 62% vote share
Winner: Gopal K.
Gopal K. INC315,259
Meenakshisundaram M. NCO169,739
Sandhanam M. IND19,618
Ramasamy Reddiar O.P. IND1,780
Vidhan Sabha election in 1977 WON by ADMK party with 35% vote share
Winner: K. Vadivel
K. Vadivel ADMK33,856
S. Nallasamy DMK22,264
K.S. Ramasamy CPI20,252
G. Balan JNP18,499
R. Poonnusamy IND938
V. Vembarayan IND386
M.S. Santhanam IND233
Vidhan Sabha election in 1980 WON by ADMK party with 51% vote share
Winner: Chinnasamy M.
Chinnasamy M. ADMK54,331
Nallasamy S. DMK46,025
Sivasamy P. JNP5,465
Natesan N. IND828
Appavoo M. IND332
Lok Sabha election in 1980 WON by INC(I) party with 55% vote share
Winner: Dorai Sebastian S.A.
Dorai Sebastian S.A. INC(I)281,149
Kanagaraj K. ADK207,015
Elamaran P.M. JNP(S)11,215
Apparavo M. IND5,250
Marimuthu V. IND2,159
Vidhan Sabha election in 1984 WON by ADMK party with 54% vote share
Winner: K. Vadivel
K. Vadivel ADMK65,363
K. V. Ramasamy DMK53,160
K. R. Krishnan IND597
P. Nallasamy IND292
P. Duraisamy IND283
R. Natesan IND226
S. Karthikeyan IND182
M. Santhanam IND155
Lok Sabha election in 1984 WON by INC party with 68% vote share
Winner: Murugaiah A. R.
Murugaiah A. R. INC413,533
Kandaswamy M. DMK177,970
Krishnan R. IND13,426
Lok Sabha election in 1989 WON by ADK party with 66% vote share
Winner: Thambithurai M.
Thambithurai M. ADK484,492
Palanisamy. K.C. DMK245,741
Sakthivel M PMK3,679
Subburathinam T. IND1,885
Mahoharah M.V. TMM1,510
Karthikeyan T. IND444
Ramachandran M IND441
Appavoo M. IND404
Vidhan Sabha election in 1989 WON by DMK party with 38% vote share
Winner: Ramasamy K.V.
Ramasamy K.V. DMK54,163
Chinnasamy M. ADK(JL)49,661
Murugaiyan S. INC24,309
Vadivel K. ADK(JR)9,489
Gopalan S. BJP1,048
Ravi S. IND782
Sivasamy V. IND520
Raju R. IND308
Murugaiyan P. IND221
Mani G. IND112
Appovoo M. IND77
Kavithasan P. IND76
Selvam P. IND74
Palani M. IND74
Subramani B. IND68
Thiyagarajan M. IND63
Venkatachalam A.L.A. IND45
Abdul Hameed M. IND45
Pandian. M. IND41
Nallasamy P. IND34
Velusamyk. IND31
Velayudam K.K. IND12
Vidhan Sabha election in 1991 WON by ADMK party with 65% vote share
Winner: Chinnasamy M.
Chinnasamy M. ADMK89,351
Vasuki M. DMK45,259
Gopalakrishnan P. N. PMK1,674
Mathialagan K. TMM258
Narasimhan C. IND245
Singaravel S. IND215
Kandasamy K. R. IND157
Sekar R. IND146
Subbrathinam T. IND125
Rajagopal V. M. IND116
Kandasamy K. IND115
Gopal K. IND108
Nambiyappan M. IND106
Periyasamy V. P. IND102
Arumugam K. IND78
Subramaniam K. IND59
Lok Sabha election in 1991 WON by ADK party with 69% vote share
Winner: Murugesan N.
Murugesan N. ADK475,571
Thirunavukkarasu D. DMK205,602
Pakkian R. (W) PMK4,388
Subramanian C.P. TMM1,664
Muthusamy Poosari T. IND1,327
Maoulan K.B. IND776
Arockiam S. IND514
Arulvellam R. IND476
Vidhan Sabha election in 1996 WON by DMK party with 54% vote share
Winner: Vasuki Murugesan
Vasuki Murugesan DMK79,302
Chinnasamy M. ADMK47,294
Palanisamy R. MDMK14,869
John Pandian S. IND1,346
Dhavanathan M. BJP944
Chandra Mohan @ Babu A. IND604
Ramalingam A. IND274
Rajendran R.N. IND188
Raju M. IND180
Mohammed Hasib Khan A. IND164
Mayyazhagan M. IND147
Ponnusamy M. IND134
Ravichandran N.M. IND129
Murukesan P. IND123
Arumugam V.R. IND102
Murugasan P. IND101
Veeramalai K.S. IND100
Kavithasan P. IND91
Sellamuthu R. IND89
Nambiappan M. IND86
Nallasamy P. IND81
Selvam N.R. IND80
Balasundaram S. IND79
Velusamy K. IND73
Elango G. IND69
Subburethinam I. IND68
Ramakrishnan V.C. IND65
Rengasamy V. IND61
Dhanapal M.K. IND56
Tilagar V.S. IND55
Gopalan. M.N. IND51
Rajagopalan V.M. IND48
Ramalingam K. IND45
Ammaiyappan S. IND41
Balusamy K. IND40
Kandasamy K. IND29
Balusamy K. IND9
Lok Sabha election in 1996 WON by TMC(M) party with 56% vote share
Winner: Natrayan.K
Natrayan.K TMC(M)409,830
Thambidurai.M ADMK241,556
Moorthy.T.P MDMK61,188
Madhukumar.R.K BJP5,870
Arokkiam.S IND4,338
Saravanan.B IND1,344
Moulana.K.B IND1,011
Manokaram.R IND996
Pitchaimuthu.S IND920
Ramasamy.S IND833
Pitchaimuthu.K IND789
Eramachandran.M IND605
Lokanathan.K IND561
Shanmugam.P IND487
Lok Sabha election in 1998 WON by ADMK party with 50% vote share
Winner: Thambi Durai.M
Thambi Durai.M ADMK327,480
Natrayan. K TMC(M)283,807
Shanmuga Sundram .K.P INC30,157
Kamaraj .S PT5,449
Ramaswamyr.M IND522
Kannan.P IND484
Sundarraj.P IND474
Marimuthu.V RJD411
Murugesan.P. IND403
Manohar.V. IND320
Selvaraju.S IND206
Asokan.K IND167
Lok Sabha election in 1999 WON by ADMK party with 46% vote share
Winner: Chinnasamy M.
Chinnasamy M. ADMK334,407
Palanisamy K.C. DMK331,560
Natrayan K. TMC(M)45,539
Sathiyamoorthyk. IND4,970
Senthil Raja S. IND943
Balakrishnan S. IND865
Mathivanan T. IND375
Chinnasamy M. IND278
Srinivasanc. IND271
Dayalan R.M. IND259
Murugesan P. IND238
Vidhan Sabha election in 2001 WON by INC party with 53% vote share
Winner: Sivasubramanian.T.N.
Sivasubramanian.T.N. INC82,012
Vasuki Murugesan DMK58,574
Natarajan.R MDMK6,769
Kamaraj IND2,735
Yakup.S. IND1,695
Natarajan .N. JD(S)738
Suresh .N IND544
Palanisamy .K. IND366
Subramani.K IND264
Lok Sabha election in 2004 WON by DMK party with 61% vote share
Winner: Palanisamy K. C.
Palanisamy K. C. DMK450,407
Palanichamy Raja. N ADMK259,531
Jawahar. N IND14,552
Nagarajan. H JP5,672
Rathinasamy. C IND5,578
Murugesan. R IND1,243
Arumugam. P IND1,162
Palanisamy. K IND946
Manivasagam. R IND876
Selvakumar. L K IND776
Sakthivel. A. K IND756
Chandramohan. R IND728
Senthilkumar. K IND689
Sakthevel. P IND676
Vidhan Sabha election in 2006 WON by ADMK party with 47% vote share
Winner: Senthil Balaji V
Senthil Balaji V ADMK80,214
Vasuki Murugesan DMK74,830
Ravi.A. DMDK9,734
Mohan.P.K. BJP1,789
Venkataraman.M. IND1,396
Jeganathan.A.S. BSP763
Murugesan Rama IND511
Kanagaraj.K. SP354
Murugesan.M. IND349
Baskaran.K. IND248
Balusamy.K.P. IND120
Selvaraj.R IND113
Pandian.R. IND105
Sakthivel.A.K. IND76
Senthil Kumar.R IND74
Lok Sabha election in 2009 WON by ADMK party with 46% vote share
Winner: Thambidurai.M
Thambidurai.M ADMK380,542
Pallanishamy. K.C. DMK333,288
Ramanathan.R DMDK51,196
Natarajan.R KNMK14,269
Shankar. K IND6,519
Karventhan. T IND5,553
Dharmalingam.R BSP5,413
Shanmugam,M IND2,592
Muthukumar.G IND2,443
Maruthaiveeran.V IND2,132
Manavan. P.K. IND1,598
Sivasamy. P IND1,566
Krishnan.R. IND1,502
Yogendran.M IND1,431
Ramamoorthy.R IND1,235
Prabaharan. P LJP1,100
Daniya. P. IND1,025
Manivannan. S IND937
Venugopal. T. IND872
Kanagaraj. T IND831
Sharfudeen. M IND718
Veeramani.T IND666
Loganathan. S SAP662
Manikandan.M IND617
Nachimuthu. V IND612
Arun. G IND581
Innasi. A IND507
Palanisamy. M IND479
Pandian. A IND479
Srinivasan. L IND472
Arulrajkumar. R IND465
Selvaraj. K IND413
Venkatachalam. Siva. Azha. IND411
Selvakumar. L.K. IND406
Amalraj.M IND398
Annadurai. V.M IND355
Senthilkumar. N. IND295
Vetrivel. R IND222
Vidhan Sabha election in 2011 WON by ADMK party with 61% vote share
Winner: Senthil Balaji V.
Senthil Balaji V. ADMK99,738
Jothi Mani S. INC55,593
Sivamani S. BJP2,417
Ashokkumar B. PPIS681
Aadhikrishnan P. BSP620
Loganathan M. IND610
Senthil Kumar P. IND522
Veeramani T. IND480
Venugopal T. IND433
Premkumar C. IND393
Periyasamy K.M. IJK371
Pachaiappan M. IND223
Manivel R. IND156
Vasantharaj B. IND138
Selvaraj S. IND129
Shanmugam K.S. IND129
Rathinam M. IND125
Vijay J. IND97
Srinivasan M. IND95
Seenivasan.N IND81
Lok Sabha election in 2014 WON by ADMK party with 52% vote share
Winner: Thambidurai,M.
Thambidurai,M. ADMK540,722
Chinnasamy, M. DMK345,475
Krishnan, N.S. DMDK76,560
Jothimani, S. INC30,459
None Of The Above NOTA13,763
Maruthaiveeran, V. BSP5,694
Balasubramanian, G. IND4,486
Prakash, N. IND4,280
Chinnasamy, M. IND3,719
Selvaraj, S. IND3,552
Valaiyapathi, R. AAAP2,440
Chinnasamy, V. IND2,108
Kannan, P. IND1,436
Gowrimani, S. IND1,433
Thamilalagan, A. IND1,387
Maneeshankar, M.G. RSPS1,276
Mahendran, T. IND1,024
Vigneshwaran, M. IND981
Murugesan, M. SP848
Vijay, J. IND847
Manickavasagam, A. IND831
Saraswathy, K. CPIM813
Ravi, S.P. IND732
Kannan, S. IND668
Ravichandran, V. UMK563
Murugaan, N. IND437
Vidhan Sabha election in 2016 WON by ADMK party with 44% vote share
Winner: Vijayabhaskar M R
Vijayabhaskar M R ADMK81,936
Subramanian Bank K INC81,495
Ravi A DMDK6,491
Sivasaami K BJP3,995
None Of The Above NOTA3,595
Nanmaaran Selva NTK2,968
Shanmugam M KMDK1,552
Murugesan M PMK1,376
Imthiyaz Rizvi N GMI421
Boopathi R BSP413
Rajadurai P IND360
Vijay J IND358
Saravanan R IND344
Subramani K IND304
Chakravarthy S IND198
Ulaganathan T IND149
Venkatachalam P IND143
Mahendran T IND140
Saravanan R IND140
Vinothkumar G IND124
Rajendiran M IND119
Velusamy S M GPI109
Arumugam S K IND83
Lok Sabha election in 2019 WON by INC party with 63% vote share
Winner: Jothimani S
Jothimani S INC695,697
Thambidurai M ADMK275,151
Karuppaiya R NTK38,543
Thangavel P S N IND31,139
Hariharan Dr R MNM15,967
Nota NOTA9,603
Aadhikrishnan P BSP3,059
Mahamuni A IND2,867
Karthikeyan B K IND2,296
Karthi P IND2,175
Ebeneezer S IND1,950
Karthikeyan M IND1,585
Sathishkumar S IND1,526
Ramachandran M IND1,466
Kanagaraj R T IND1,300
Noyyal Ramasamy M TNLK1,264
Anbukani S IND1,145
Prabakaran T IND1,129
Muthukumar G IND1,045
Jothikumar J DUUK969
Muthu K R P IND920
Pushpahenryraj S IND887
Saraswathi K INCP860
Ulaganathan T IND824
Dasaprakash K IND813
Magudeeswaran K IND720
Ramamoorthy R UMK717
Vigneshwaran P IND700
Selvaraj K IND697
Anbazhagan T IND666
Varadan M IND639
Palanivel P IND549
Ravi S P IND512
Prakash N IND506
Vinothkumar N IND416
Manoharan M AMPK414
Joseph M A DMSK398
Rajalingam M IND397
Nagajothi M IND397
Sivakumar V IND378
Babu G IND313
Pitchaimuthu T IND296
Rajesh Kannan K IND270
Vidhan Sabha election in 2021 WON by DMK party with 49% vote share
Winner: Senthilbalaji V
Senthilbalaji V DMK101,757
Vijayabhaskar. M.R ADMK89,309
Karuppaiya.R NTK7,316
Mohanraj.S MNM4,154
Nota NOTA961
Thangaraj.N DMDK953
Ravi.P IND369
Anbazhagan IND334
Aadhikrishnan.P BSP210
Kannan.T IND165
Rajeshkannan.S IND138
Kathiravan.P IND114
Dhanalakshmi.M GPI105
Jayakumar.G IND102
Shanmugam.N SMKNK99
Surya IND96
Murugesan.A IND84
Balamanikandan.K IND56
Amarsri.M IND56
Kalai Raj.K IND51
Sivakumar.V IND46
Mohan.M.L.M IND42
Krishnakumar.S IND42
Joseph.M.A DMSK39
Sivasamy.P IND37
Muruganantham.T IND30
Karunamoorthy.S IND29
Abilazan.N IND29
Shivakumar.K IND29
Amarnath.K IND28
Venkatesh Prabu.K IND26
Vigneshwaran.P IND25
Jothi Sutharsan IND22
Prakash.N IND20
Gopalakrishnan.A IND19
Sudhakar.L IND19
Sivakumar.N IND18
Palanivel.P IND17
Banumathy IND16
Kamaraj.P IND15
Venkadesh.K IND14
Mounagurubalusamy.K IND14
Vijayabhaskar.R.V IND14
Muthu. K.R IND14
Deepanandh.N IND14
Noor Mohammed Thouffic.A IND13
Vijayan.K IND13
Thirugnanam.M IND13
Senthilkumar.A IND13
Tamilarasan.K IND13
Samivel.A IND12
Daniya IND11
Prakash.A IND11
Mahendran IND11
Murali.M IND10
Sathish.P IND10
Saravanan.R IND10
Manoj.P IND10
Samiappan.K IND10
Vinothkumar IND9
Sampath.S IND9
Subash Malayalam.T IND8
Muthukumar.G IND8
Sudhakar.S IND7
Thamilalagan IND7
Selvakumar.M IND7
Dhanabal IND7
Boopathi.P IND6
Prakash.V IND5
Duraisamy.J IND5
Veerakumar.T IND5
Prasanth.S IND4
Santhanakumar.M IND4
Pushparaj.P IND3
Manivannan.S IND3
Sakthikumar IND2
Senthilkumar.A.M IND2
Manikandan.K IND2