All elections held in this constituency whether its Loksabha and/or Vidhansabha, everything can be found on this page for Maem
Assembly Election Race in Maem

Election history
All the elections held in this constituency are all listed below in a timeline fashion order by year. Start exploring by hitting a cirlce in the middle or click on left/ right wings that would display a panel with all details for that election.
Vidhan Sabha election in 1989 WON by MAG party with 64% vote share
Winner: Kakodkar Shashikalal Gurudutt
Vidhan Sabha election in 1994 WON by MAG party with 45% vote share
Winner: Kakodkar Shashikala Gurudatt
Vidhan Sabha election in 1999 WON by BJP party with 27% vote share
Winner: Fadte Prakash Jagnnath
Vidhan Sabha election in 2002 WON by INC party with 48% vote share
Winner: Prabhu Zantye Harish Narayan
Vidhan Sabha election in 2007 WON by BJP party with 34% vote share
Winner: Anant V. Shet
Anant V. Shet BJP5,370
Zantye Pravin INC4,890
Pilgaonkar Milind MAG4,590
Fadte Prakash UGDP858
Vidhan Sabha election in 2012 WON by BJP party with 54% vote share
Winner: Anant Shet
Anant Shet BJP12,054
Pravin Zantye IND6,335
Rudresh Chodankar NCP3,585
Kamlakant Gadekar CPM225
Deepkumar Mapari IND212
Vidhan Sabha election in 2017 WON by BJP party with 52% vote share
Winner: Pravin Zantye
Vidhan Sabha election in 2022 WON by BJP party with 31% vote share