All elections held in this constituency whether its Loksabha and/or Vidhansabha, everything can be found on this page for Matiala
Assembly Election Race in Matiala

Election history
All the elections held in this constituency are all listed below in a timeline fashion order by year. Start exploring by hitting a cirlce in the middle or click on left/ right wings that would display a panel with all details for that election.
Vidhan Sabha election in 2008 WON by INC party with 40% vote share
Winner: Sumesh
Sumesh INC52,411
Kamal Jeet BJP45,782
Manoj Bhardwaj BSP19,442
Rao Satvir Singh IND8,883
Nidhi Mahajan BRSP1,224
Anita SP911
Ranjeet Singh LJP350
Rao Ramanand IND270
Randhir Singh IND269
Mohamad Manjoor IND236
O P Sharma IND236
Rajesh Kumar Dubey VAJP171
Anil Jindal IND148
Mans Raj Tyagi IND129
Pooran Singh IND107
Vidhan Sabha election in 2013 WON by BJP party with 36% vote share
Winner: Rajesh Gahlot
Rajesh Gahlot BJP70,053
Gulab Singh AAP66,051
Sumesh Shokeen INC48,358
Satendra Singh Rana IND2,718
Sri Niwas Yadav BSP2,411
Narender Yadav SWP743
None Of The Above NOTA636
Ravinder Kumar IND488
Ajay Kumar Pandey PGP469
Rakesh Kumar IND448
Renu Poddar PBI326
Girjanand Singh RPI(A)271
Pooran Singh IND194
Poonam IND152
Randhir Singh IND135
Subhash Tomar RLD118
Sumitra LJSP116
Shripal IND115
Kailash IND97
Raja Kumar Singh RVJP92
Vidhan Sabha election in 2015 WON by AAAP party with 55% vote share
Winner: Gulab Singh
Gulab Singh AAAP127,665
Rajesh Gahlot BJP80,661
Sumesh Shokeen INC20,284
None Of The Above NOTA1,102
Suresh Kumar Patel RBHP728
Sanjay Kumar BSP723
Gulab Singh IND376
Ram Bilas Mishra IND221
Shripal IND188
Virendra Kumar Rai RJ155
Renu Poddar PBI127
Rajesh Kumar Gahlot IND125
Ram Charan Sahani ShRP71
Rajesh IND55
Vidhan Sabha election in 2020 WON by AAAP party with 53% vote share
Winner: Gulab Singh
Gulab Singh AAAP139,010
Rajesh Gahlot BJP110,935
Sumesh Shokeen INC7,317
Nota NOTA1,602
Sandhya Singh JDNTP887
Sher Singh BSP774
Surender Kumar MZEKP329
Anil Lohchub RMEP176
Mohinder Singh RRP160
Akash Shrivastava SatBP125