All elections held in this constituency whether its Loksabha and/or Vidhansabha, everything can be found on this page for Mayurbhanj
Election history
All the elections held in this constituency are all listed below in a timeline fashion order by year. Start exploring by hitting a cirlce in the middle or click on left/ right wings that would display a panel with all details for that election.
Lok Sabha election in 1951 WON by INC party with 45% vote share
Winner: Ramchandra Majhi
Ramchandra Majhi INC48,830
Hansada Purnachandra SP37,670
Nayak Maheswar IND21,738
Lok Sabha election in 1957 WON by IND party with 34% vote share
Winner: Ram Chandra Majhi
Ram Chandra Majhi IND33,140
Bhadu Majhi GP28,796
Chandra Mohan Sing INC22,709
Hembrom Bebarta PSP12,530
Lok Sabha election in 1962 WON by INC party with 46% vote share
Winner: Maheswar Naik
Maheswar Naik INC33,824
Mahendra Majhi GP26,545
Ramchandra Majhi IND11,794
Sundar Mohan Hemrom IND1,539
Lok Sabha election in 1967 WON by SWA party with 52% vote share
Winner: M. Majhi
M. Majhi SWA76,929
D. C. Tudu INC39,903
B. Majhi IND30,820
Lok Sabha election in 1971 WON by INC party with 29% vote share
Winner: Manmohan Tudu
Manmohan Tudu INC50,515
Mahendra Majhi SWA42,868
Chandra Mohan Sinha UTC41,562
Kanoo Ram Hansoram JKP35,532
Ram Chandra Majhi IND4,787
Lok Sabha election in 1977 WON by BLD party with 48% vote share
Winner: Chandra Mohan Sinha
Chandra Mohan Sinha BLD99,074
Chaitanya Prasad Majhi INC87,725
Braja Mohan Hansdah IND16,455
San Duryodhan Naik IND3,559
Lok Sabha election in 1980 WON by INC(I) party with 56% vote share
Winner: Man Mohan Tudu
Man Mohan Tudu INC(I)118,764
Chandra Mohan Sinha JNP(S)47,207
Kanhuram Hembaram JNP28,088
Biria Tudu IND17,559
Lok Sabha election in 1984 WON by INC party with 58% vote share
Winner: Sidhalal Murmu
Sidhalal Murmu INC175,013
Bhagey Gohardhan JNP105,775
Dashmat Marandi IND10,756
Raghunath Tudu IND8,893
Lok Sabha election in 1989 WON by JD party with 46% vote share
Winner: Bhagey Gobardhan
Bhagey Gobardhan JD145,867
Saraswati Hembram INC123,279
Brundaban Marandi IND16,165
Braja Mohan Hansdan IND7,719
Leba Chand Tudu IND7,527
Basanta Kumar Majhi IND3,786
Narayan Majhi IND2,643
Paran Majhi IND1,798
Suresh Chandra Nayak IND1,490
Sudarshan Murmu IND1,342
Mirja Majhi IND1,251
Samar Singh IND551
Doman Majhi IND381
Lok Sabha election in 1991 WON by INC party with 36% vote share
Winner: Bhagey Gobardhan
Bhagey Gobardhan INC140,182
Chaitanya Prasad Majhi JD90,687
Purusottam Naik BJP47,415
Subrata Murmu IND45,931
Sudam Chandra Marndi JMM40,318
Sankha Majhi IND14,771
Pravakar Naik IND2,427
Samer Singh IND2,380
Budhuram Hembram IND1,396
Sunaram Majhi IND1,190
Narayan Majhi DDP1,039
Sarbeswar Naik PBI607
Hemasagar Nayak IND441
Lok Sabha election in 1996 WON by INC party with 39% vote share
Winner: Sushila Tiriya
Sushila Tiriya INC218,613
Salkhan Murmu BJP107,424
Ram Chandra Hansdah IND97,106
Laxman Tudu JD70,595
Surya Sing Besra IND27,115
Sankha Majhi IND12,265
Nirmal Bhagey AIIC(T)6,501
Rajendra Naik IND6,197
Chandramohan Surin IND4,686
Muralidhar Naik IND4,425
Santosh Naik IND3,903
Guru Charan Naik IND2,576
Girish Soren IND662
Lok Sabha election in 1998 WON by BJP party with 42% vote share
Winner: Salkhan Murmu
Salkhan Murmu BJP249,255
Susila Tiria INC174,936
Sudam Marndi JMM142,106
Sankha Majhi IND8,279
Chaitanya Prasad Majhi JD6,798
Muralidhar Nayak SP3,502
Mistri Singh SHS2,584
Bhagaban Hansda AJBP1,924
Kali Charan Naik RJD1,772
Sidhalal Murmu IND1,085
Lok Sabha election in 1999 WON by BJP party with 53% vote share
Winner: Salkhan Murmu
Salkhan Murmu BJP300,902
Kamala Tiria INC152,820
Bhadav Hansdah JMM92,729
Sankha Majhi IND9,943
Khelaram Mahali IND7,509
Laxmiswar Tamudia Alias Nag NCP4,115
Lok Sabha election in 2004 WON by JMM party with 37% vote share
Winner: Sudam Marndi
Sudam Marndi JMM260,529
Bhagirathi Majhi BJP252,557
Sushila Tiriya INC143,159
Kanda Charan Naik BSP39,752
Lok Sabha election in 2009 WON by BJD party with 31% vote share
Winner: Laxman Tudu
Laxman Tudu BJD256,648
Sudam Marndi JMM190,470
Droupadi Murmu BJP150,827
Laxman Majhi INC140,770
Rameswar Majhi IND25,603
Sundar Mohan Majhi JDP16,815
Narendra Hansda IND13,314
Gamha Singh BSP11,802
Laxmiswar Tamudia SP10,912
Devi Prasanna Besra IND7,593
Lok Sabha election in 2014 WON by BJD party with 37% vote share
Winner: Rama Chandra Hansdah
Rama Chandra Hansdah BJD393,779
Nepole Raghu Murmu BJP270,913
Debashis Marndi JMM172,984
Shyam Sundar Hansdah INC142,165
None Of The Above NOTA23,517
Prabhudan Marandi AOP14,632
Dashmat Soren BSP12,041
Chhabi Mahali AAAP8,183
Devi Prasanna Besra IND8,133
Anta Alok Baskey AJSUP7,052
Lok Sabha election in 2019 WON by BJP party with 42% vote share
Winner: Bishweswar Tudu
Bishweswar Tudu BJP483,812
Debashis Marndi BJD458,556
Anjani Soren JMM135,552
Nota NOTA21,357
Parbati Purty IND13,937
Rabindra Nath Singh IND10,699
Ramchandra Singh BSP10,240
Bharat Chandra Singh BMUP9,315
Nanda Kishore Kisku IND6,889