Ashok Kapoor
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Ashok Kapoor contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1991 for Lok Sabha from Chandni Chowk
LOST against Tara Chand Khandelwal
with 0% vote share
Tara Chand Khandelwal BJP80,898
Jai Prakash Aggrawal S/O Ram Charan INC78,124
Kishore Lal JD58,434
Mirza Mohd. Usman JP1,891
Masroor Ahmed Khan MUL982
Banta Singh IND865
Satya Narain IND296
Seikh Muzib Rehman RPI261
Sayara (W) IND258
Dwarka Dhesh IND242
Jai Prakash Aggarwal S/O Mangat Ram IND216
Jai Prakash Aggarwal S/O Babarsidass IND213
Kishori Lal Jain IND181
Irean Zaved Qureshi BSP173
Saeeduzafar Khan IND169
Aeltemush Rein RPK164
Acharya Laxmi Narain Sharma IND156
Murli Dhar IND136
Beena Gautam (W) IND125
Anil Bharadwaj IND116
Balram Bari IND115
Mohd. Naim IND111
Mahesh Chand Aggarwal IND110
C.B. Lal Saxena IND103
Brij Mohan IND99
Nimmi (W) IND99
Rajender Singh Bundela IND85
Ravinder Kumar IND82
Kabul Singh IND81
Mohd. Arif IND78
Jai Prakash IND77
Rameshwar Dayal IND77
Ravinder IND75
K.N. Midha IND69
Abodh Kumar IND66
Dinesh IND59
Poonam (W) IND58
Subhash Chand Jain IND58
Rajendra Swaroop IND55
Nooruddin IND55
Akshaya Kumar IND54
Shiv Kumar Singhal IND50
Kaka Joginder Singh Urf Dharti Pakad IND49
Rajesh Kumar Suri IND47
Rajender Kumar IND46
Deepak IND46
Anil Kumar IND44
Satendra Jain IND43
Ishtiaq Hussein IND43
Ashok Kapoor IND42
Rajkumar S/O Leelu Ram IND42
Chandra Mohan IND39
Ramji Dass IND38
Hari Dutt Vashishta IND36
Anill Garg IND36
Gian Singh IND36
Chand IND34
Mohd. Sardar IND33
Pawan IND32
Jai Kumar IND32
Rajkumar S/O Chand IND31
Zamil Hussein IND31
Javed Khalik IND29
Ramkumar IND29
Mathuram IND29
Vipin Kumar IND28
Shiv Shanker Mittal IND25
Ashok Kumar IND22
Vijaya Kumar IND20
Vipin Sharma IND15
Kamal Kumar Babbabar IND14