Khadse Mahadeo Domaji
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Khadse Mahadeo Domaji contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1995 for Vidhan Sabha from Teosa
LOST against Tasare Sharad Motiram
with 1% vote share
Tasare Sharad Motiram INC27,062
Mangale Nanasaheb Ganpat CPI17,481
Thakur Chandrakant Alias Bhyyasaheb IND15,762
Kolhe Sanjay Shivling IND11,524
Tatte Sahabrao Ramchandra BJP10,967
Ingle Vijay Marotrao PWP10,334
Dinesh Waikuntharao Wankhade IND4,897
Lokhande Arvind Deoraoji IND2,823
Mohod Sanjay Sheshrao RPI1,931
Sahebrao Champatrao Ionate IND1,588
Chaudhary Chandrashekhar Shankar DDP847
Khadse Mahadeo Domaji IND647
Rameshwar Pandurang Gobre IND494
Abdul Hamid Shekh Gani Mansuri IND398
Sukhadeorao Butari Vaidya IND331
Gade Janrao Rajaram IND320
Kisangopal Bhikamchandra Tawari IND316
Deshmukh Ramdas Ramrao IND302
Pande Sukhdeo Namdeorao IND276
Meshram Gopichand Suryabhanji RPI(K)187
Adv. Meshram Lalchand Banduji IND151
Chandrakant Keshao Nimbhorkar ICS133
Bakerao Bajirao Gorde IND124
Shrikhande Subhashbhau Devidas IND108
Pramilatai Kamlakarrao Kawale IND97
Yashwant Alias Kakasaheb Raghoji Bhoge IND71
1990 for Vidhan Sabha from Teosa
LOST against Mangale Nattu Dewaji
with 1% vote share