Madan Mohan Prasad
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Madan Mohan Prasad contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
2000 for Vidhan Sabha from Adapur
LOST against Virendra Prasad
with 0% vote share
1995 for Vidhan Sabha from Adapur
LOST against Braj Bihari Prasad
with 0% vote share
Braj Bihari Prasad JD51,036
Virendra Prasad IND18,971
Abdul Hamid Captan IND7,409
Bachha Prasad Yadav IND4,926
Rehan Hashmi INC4,675
Prabhu Deo Rai CPI(ML)(L)4,210
Dhrub Prasad BJP3,349
Md. Parvej Aziz IND1,583
Ram Niwas Prasad IND1,441
Rajdeo Roy IND1,398
Lal Babu Singh BPP1,185
Baidyanath Rai SJP(R)974
Jai Prakash Narain Yadav SP859
Kamleshwar Prasad SAP513
Raj Kishore Roy IND383
Vijay Kumar Sinha IND324
Anil Kumar Gupta IND307
Madan Mohan Prasad BSP284
Ranvijay Kumar IND283
Virendra Kumar SHS273
Ram Krishna Pd. Yadav IND269
Mahanta Anil Das IND266
Vidya Nand Prasad IND195
Krishna Kumar Marwari IND162
Upendra Dubey IND157
Jamil Akhtar IND145
Vinod Paswan IND135
Manoj Kumar Singh IND122
Harendra Chaurasia IND114
Chandra Shekhar Misra IND103
Satya Deo Singh IND96
Asi Akhtar IND88
Ravindra Narain Arya IND74
Jai Narain Sah IND17
1995 for Vidhan Sabha from Basantpur
LOST against Manikchand Rai
with 1% vote share
1995 for Vidhan Sabha from Daltonganj
LOST against Inder Singh Namdhari
with 0% vote share
1990 for Vidhan Sabha from Adapur
LOST against Braj Bihari Prasad
with 0% vote share
1980 for Vidhan Sabha from Cheria Bariarpur
LOST against Sukhdeo Mahto
with 13% vote share
1977 for Vidhan Sabha from Gobindganj
LOST against Ramashankar Pandey
with 39% vote share
Ramashankar Pandey INC42,186
Madan Mohan Prasad Singh JNP27,230
Nawal Pandey IND873
1951 for Vidhan Sabha from Deoghar
LOST against Bhubneshwar Pandey
with 2% vote share