Mahesh Prashad Gupta
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Mahesh Prashad Gupta contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1995 for Vidhan Sabha from Muzaffarpur
LOST against Vijendra Chaudhary
with 0% vote share
Vijendra Chaudhary JD52,000
Raghunath Pandey INC31,503
Dinesh Chandra Gupta BJP24,324
Munna Tiwari IND2,606
Harun Rasheed SAP789
Raj Kumar Mahto IND694
Mukesh Chandra Alakh SP533
Manoj Kumar IND526
Roop Devi CPI(ML)(L)461
Abdul Hafeej Mansuri IND390
Anil Kumar Singh IND300
Vijay Rana Gahlaut IND290
Tribhuvan Nath Chaudhary IND287
Om Prakash BPP255
Hari Shankar Rai IND247
Munna IND194
Mahesh Prashad Gupta IND161
Manoj Kumar Ojha IND151
Mahesh Das IND126
Parmandand Singh IND117
Gyneshwar Sharma IND105
Braj Kishore Singh IND103
Sardar Yogendra Singh IND93
Jitendra Kumar IND92
Md. Hasan IND81
Harihar Prasad Srivastva IND74
Md. Zaheer Alam Khan IND74
Raman Kumar IND72
Baidyanath Jha PSSS70
Mukesh Kumar Sahni IND69
Jawahar Jha FBL67
Ved Prakash Singh IND64
Md. Narsruddin IND63
Dileep Kumar Singh IND58
Chandra Kishor Parashar SHS57
Raju Chaudhary IND57
Bhim Bali Sahni IND56
Sadan Kumar IND52
Lal Babu Gop IND51
Bhagwan Lal Mahto IND51
Basudev Prasad Chachan IND51
Vinod Bhagat IND49
Ajoy Kumar IND49
Sharda DDP49
Lalita Sah IND48
Prabhu Paswan BSP47
Ganga Chaudhary IND46
Sashi Sankar Prasad Singh IND46
Kailash Sah IND43
Sanjoy Kumar IND41
Vimal Kumar IND39
Rajesh Kumar IND37
Sanjoy Kumar Singh IND37
Sham Alam IND36
Deepak Kumar Poddar IND36
Kameshwar Prasad Sharma IND36
Upendrfa Prasad IND33
Shatish Chandra Patel IND33
Md. Israil IND33
Abdulla IND32
Audesh Kumar Singh IND32
Chandra Shekhar Prasad IND31
Ramnath Prasad Gupta IND31
Suresh Tiwari IND29
Raj Mangal Prasad Singh IND29
Rakesh Kumar Singh IND28
Chhathilal Mahto IND28
Shivnath Prasad Gupta IND28
Sankar Prasad IND28
Navin Kumar Avinashi IND27
Abdul Hamid IND26
Sivhari Agrawal IND26
Amitabh Kumar IND25
Om Prakash Chaudhary IND23
Ranu Devi Kejrival IND23
Nausad Ahmad IND23
Umashankar Singh IND23
Kanti Kumar IND23
Keshav Kumar Thakur IND22
Balendra Rai IND21
Shankar Ojha IND19
Sashi Kumar Jaishawal IND19
Ram Nibsa Singh IND18
Raj Kumar Chaudhary IND14
Giradhar Prasad Singh IND13
Krisana Prasad Singh IND10
Kiran Sankar Yadav IND8