Mahesh Tiwari
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Mahesh Tiwari contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1998 for Vidhan Sabha from Surkhi
LOST against Bhupendra Singh
with 1% vote share
1998 for Vidhan Sabha from Bemetara
WON against Chetan Singh Verma
with 47% vote share
1993 for Vidhan Sabha from Bemetara
LOST against Chetan Singh Verma
with 39% vote share
1991 for Lok Sabha from Raipur
LOST against Vidyacharan Shukla
with 2% vote share
Vidyacharan Shukla INC188,335
Ramesh Bais BJP187,376
Kunti Kurre (W) BSP18,456
Mahesh Tiwari JD7,156
Madhuker Rao Ganpat Rao Banjari IND2,525
Mohan Rodhiwal LKD1,995
Dhajaram Patel IND1,776
Fazloor Rehman JP1,353
Baran Lal Sahu DDP1,162
Shriram Chandra IND1,051
Anand Chopker IND669
Prakash Golchha (Sattibazar) IND632
Santosh Kumar Lunia (Santa Bhaiya) IND531
Rajendra Jaggi IND473
Molana Sirazuddin Rizvi IND453
Sultan Singh Yadav IND427
Rajendra Kumar IND418
Rajmahant Naindal Kurre IND371
Prakash Golchha (Budhapara) IND295
Indu Lal Nishad IND293
Navratan Golchha (Jetha Bhaiya) IND287
Anand Kumar IND271
Devendra Singhania IND252
Rajendra Sharma IND227
Anant Pandit IND213
Swami Hira Lal Budhawani IND194
Prakash Golchha (Chhotapara) IND176
Kaji Habibur Rehman IND165
Vijay Kumar Sharma IND140
1990 for Vidhan Sabha from Bemetara
WON against Chetram
with 34% vote share
1977 for Vidhan Sabha from Bemetara
LOST against Laxman Prasad Vaidya
with 46% vote share
Laxman Prasad Vaidya INC16,948
Mahesh Tiwari JNP15,607
Surendra Kumar IND1,272