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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Netram contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
2018 for Vidhan Sabha from Udaipura
LOST against Devendra Singh Patel
with 1% vote share
2008 for Vidhan Sabha from Keolari
LOST against Harvansh Singh
with 1% vote share
2003 for Vidhan Sabha from Gadarwara
LOST against Govind Singh Patel
with 11% vote share
1998 for Vidhan Sabha from Lanji
LOST against Bhagvat Bhau Nagpure
with 2% vote share
1993 for Vidhan Sabha from Patan
LOST against Bhupesh Bhaghel
with 1% vote share
Bhupesh Bhaghel INC28,537
Kejuram Verma BSP25,163
Ramnaresh Tripathy BJP22,431
Kalyani Pandey INC21,670
Sobaran Singh JD18,111
Kailash Chander Sharma BJP17,558
Gannu Patel CMM8,285
Shanker Lal Gond BSP2,793
Dilip Koshik JD2,512
Anantram Verma IND648
Netram Sahu IND516
Pannalal Yadav SP488
Vijay Kumar Naveriya IND487
Sharad Kumar Dubey IND351
Durga Prasad Ghoshal IND323
Uttam Kumar Pathak IND288
Kailash Mandal SHS256
Abika Prasad Dubey IND247
Ravi Kutti IND242
Arvind Singh Thakur IND233
Dilip Kumar Kamale DDP190
Pappu Khan IND152
Bhalchand Muley DDP142
S.K. Asharif IND129
P. Laxmi IND112
Yunus Charan RPI(K)111
Mohan Lal Rodhiyal IND87
Arvind Gour IND86
Bhaiya Lal Rangari IND78
Ramratan Jhariya IND46
Dinesh Bhaiya IND45
Achachhe Singh IND45
Ramashankar Lungiwala IND42
Pawan Kumar Jain IND36
1990 for Vidhan Sabha from Khertha
LOST against Pyare Lal Belchandan
with 2% vote share
1985 for Vidhan Sabha from Bemetara
LOST against Rewendra Singh
with 5% vote share
Rewendra Singh INC21,701
Chimanuram BJP15,127
Netram IND2,134
1985 for Vidhan Sabha from Bohani
LOST against Vinayashankar Dubey
with 4% vote share
1972 for Vidhan Sabha from Pamgarh
LOST against Kulpatsingh Kupitram
with 26% vote share
Kulpatsingh Kupitram INC8,899
Netram BJS3,438
Mahavir Gohara IND879
1967 for Vidhan Sabha from Pamgarh
LOST against Mahabir
with 29% vote share
Mahabir INC12,202
Netram BJS5,616
Govindram JAC1,280
1962 for Lok Sabha from Janjgir
LOST against Amarsingh
with 13% vote share
Amarsingh INC79,822
Baliharsingh JS48,551
Netram RRP18,735