Sri Paswan
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Sri Paswan contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1995 for Vidhan Sabha from Dhaka
LOST against Awnish Kumar Singh
with 0% vote share
1995 for Vidhan Sabha from Jharia
LOST against Abo Devi
with 0% vote share
Abo Devi JD45,271
Baccha Singh SJP(R)41,424
Ramesh Pd. Singh INC19,355
Mahabir Paswan BJP10,267
Shibjanam Kuswaha JMM(S)2,775
Prahalad Sao BSP2,200
Ashok Kumar Mahato IND2,116
Satya Narain Pandit IND1,833
Ashok Kumar Sao CSP-JSD1,513
Harish Joshi IND989
Santosh Singh BPP896
Rabindra Kumar Yadav SAP828
Budhan Ram IND702
Rejendra Nishad IND662
Rajendra Chouhan IND526
Jitendra Yadav ABJS500
Radheshyam Goswami JPP475
Md. Zakir Hussain Khan IND465
Raj Kumar Singh IND324
Satyadeo Singh IND257
Ratan Prasad IND245
Bholi Devi IND239
Ram Balak Rai IND219
Ahmad Hussain Ansari IND211
Madan Lal Khanna IND187
Rambachan Singh IND172
Durga Pd. Kesri IND171
Bijay Kumar IND170
Inderdeo Paswan IND166
Ayasha Khatoon IND164
Jairam Paswan IND153
Bal Mukund Diwaker IND143
Manjoo Goswami IND137
Munshi Hembrem IND137
S.N. Singh Yadav IND121
Ramdhari Bharti IND113
Upendra Singh IND108
Sri Krishna Paswan IND100
Muneswar Viswakrma IND85
Nazmul Haque IND77
Kedar Pd. IND75
Suresh Jajak IND69
Arjun Nishad DDP66
Mohan Paswan IND61
Binod Singh IND53