Mata Ram Dhiman
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Mata Ram Dhiman contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1999 for Lok Sabha from Chandigarh
LOST against Pawan Kumar Bansal
with 3% vote share
1996 for Lok Sabha from Chandigarh
LOST against Satya Pal Jain
with 4% vote share
Satya Pal Jain BJP101,137
Pawan Kumar Bansal INC77,168
Harmohan Dhawan SAP45,569
Mata Ram Dhiman BSP10,612
Chaman Lal CPM6,030
Subhash Tamoli BSP(A)4,128
Ravi Parkash JD2,405
Rajinder SMP882
Ajay Jagga JP834
R R K Tiwari PHK735
Ganga Ram IND727
Mahinder Kumar ICS654
M Sadiq IND533
Vinod Kumar IND528
Vishwavir Sharma AIIC(T)513
Harcharan Singh IND492
Lachhman Singh IND484
Deepak Malhotra IND448
Ram Hari IND325
Gurcharan Singh IND311
Deepak IND277
Chander Gupt Kapuria IND253
Malak Chand IND244
Satpal IND233
Rajesh Singh IND226
Vidya Bhushan IND212
Madan Lal Vedi IND210
Surat Chand Sharma IND200
Sudhir Kumar SHS195
Sanjay Aggarwal IND192
Ram Phal IND189
Sat Paul Gupta IND187
Naresh Jaggi IND184
Jagmohan Singh Johal IND175
Om Parkash Chawla IND172
Ram Bali IND150
Jagtar Singh IND131
Didar Singh Kalsia IND130
S P Chauhan IND129
Jaspal Singh IND127
Sanjeev Sharma IND107
Kamal Kumar IND101
Virender Bajaj IND94
Surinder Pal IND86
Subhash Chander Katyal IND80
Tilak Raj IND71
Inderjit Gupta IND71
Harish Bawra IND66