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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Sheolal contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
1985 for Vidhan Sabha from Bhatapara
WON against Narendra Sharma
with 50% vote share
1972 for Vidhan Sabha from Deosar
LOST against Balraj
with 31% vote share
Balraj INC8,564
Sheolal BJS7,457
Sheonandan IND6,849
Tribhuan Singh SOP1,274
1962 for Vidhan Sabha from Maro
WON against Nayandas
with 45% vote share
Sheolal INC8,496
Nayandas PSP7,535
Uttamchand RRP2,860
1962 for Vidhan Sabha from Bhatapara
WON against Mannoo Lal
with 42% vote share
Sheolal Mehta INC10,773
Mannoo Lal PSP6,704
Krishna Kumar JS4,856
Jagat Ram IND2,112
Harishchandra Rishi REP1,347
1957 for Lok Sabha from Jabalpur
LOST against Seth Govinddas Diwan Bahadur Seth Jeewandas
with 11% vote share
1957 for Vidhan Sabha from Bemetara
LOST against Laxmanprasad
with 21% vote share
Laxmanprasad INC20,039
Sheolal INC16,590
Jhumuklal Sahu PSP15,712
Chandrabhushan PSP10,440
Puratanbai RRP9,128
Hanumanprasad RRP5,661
1951 for Vidhan Sabha from Bemetara
LOST against Jagtarandas
with 8% vote share
Jagtarandas INC14,372
V. Y. Tamaskar IND11,480
K. S. Thoke INC11,355
Brijlal Prasad RRP8,434
Laxmanprasad KMPP8,041
Chhaganlal SP6,842
Sheolal Prasad IND6,069
Dhansingh SP5,648
Sukul SCF1,504
1951 for Vidhan Sabha from Sausar
LOST against Nilkanthrao Zalke
with 2% vote share
1951 for Lok Sabha from Bilaspur Durg Raipur
LOST against Agamdas
with 3% vote share
Agamdas INC116,713
Bhupendranath Mishra INC100,011
Keshao Prashad KMPP90,571
Thakur Dharamraj Singh RRP68,442
Bisahudas RRP53,200
Nakul SCF35,402
Muktawandas SP31,455
Milaudas IND17,411
Sheolal Mehta SP16,767
1951 for Vidhan Sabha from Tumsar
LOST against Narayan Sambhuji Karemore
with 6% vote share