Shiv Narain
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Shiv Narain contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
2000 for Vidhan Sabha from Jind
LOST against Mange Ram Gupta
with 4% vote share
1996 for Lok Sabha from Faridabad
LOST against Ram Chander
with 7% vote share
Ram Chander BJP292,294
Avtar Singh Bhadana INC230,778
Hidayat Khan SP65,005
Shiv Narain BSP56,733
Shantvir Vashist SAP35,372
Rati Ram S/O.Ammi AIIC(T)32,676
Swaraj Lamba JD32,633
Vali Mohammed IND8,611
Devi Singh Tewatia IND6,858
Aas Mohamad Khan IND6,367
Daya Ram Seini IND5,595
Usman Khan IND4,959
Pandit Nathin Ram Kaushik IND4,330
Ram Dutt Aheriya IND4,272
Tayub Hussain IND2,460
Prem Chand Premi IND2,399
Banwari Lal JP2,316
Ajmat Khan IND2,098
Jakir Hussain IND2,044
Shibbu IND1,865
Mamender Kumar IND1,581
Khem Chand IND1,527
Abdul Hamid IND1,303
Satbir Rawat IND1,111
Kamal Singh IND1,107
Jhangi Ram IND969
Mukhi Bhim Sain IND882
Rajesh Khurana IND874
Mohammed Ajaz Khan IND808
Kasham IND799
Braham Pal Bhadana IND796
Rishi Pal IND794
Ashwani IND691
Rati Ram S/O Siya IND668
Santosh IND645
Iqbal IND639
Umar Mohammed IND604
Kabir Ahmed IND554
N.M.Lal IND476
Iqbal Jeet Singh IND466
Zan Mohammed IND457
1987 for Vidhan Sabha from Palwal
LOST against Subhash Chand
with 1% vote share