Azam Ali Khan
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Azam Ali Khan contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
2018 for Vidhan Sabha from Kishan Pole
LOST against Amin Kagzi
with 0% vote share
Amin Kagzi INC71,189
Mohan Lal Gupta BJP62,419
Lalchand (Lalu) Sarasar IND1,104
Sudeep Jain Bagda AAAP929
Bharat Sharma IND914
None Of The Above NOTA754
Mo. Umar IND688
Sanjiv Verma (Soni) CPI579
Vishnu Jaiswal BVHP557
Krishan Kumar Maharshi IND282
Mohammad Jahangir IND255
Azam Ali Khan IND250
Mohammad Apharoj IND224
Charu Gupta NUZP205
Aabid Hussain IND201
Neeta Mathur BJKD181
Gaurav Jain IND165
Naresh Jayswal IND121
Pawan IND98
Alimudin IND97
Rafik Bhati IND91
Sunil Kumar DSPVAD91
Harish Bari IND90
Rakesh Pareek IND88
Phajal Ahmad IND88
Naman Sharma JGP73
Mukesh Kumar Sharma IND71
Abdul Hameed Akram PHP70
Shankar Lal Tikkiwal IND60
Bhagchand IND54
Manju Khan IND52
Chand IND47
Arun Parashar BYS47
Mo. Akram IND43
Rajesh Gupta IND41
Jamil Ahamad IND39
Satyajit Sinha IND35
Manish Kumar Chawariya IND32
Nafees Khan IND30
Vinod Sharma IND27
Deepak Lalwani IND26
Harish Kumar IND24
Shakil Qureshi IND23
Babu Khan Manyar IND21
Ramswarup IND17
Sadik IND10
Shamim Khan IND7
2013 for Vidhan Sabha from Kishan Pole
LOST against Mohan Lal
with 0% vote share
2008 for Vidhan Sabha from Kishanpole
LOST against Mohan Lal Gupta
with 0% vote share