Radhey Shyam
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Election history
All the elections where a candidate by the name Radhey Shyam contested in whether lost or won, by how many votes. His/ her vote share etc details all can be found here.
2015 for Vidhan Sabha from Vikaspuri
LOST against Mahinder Yadav
with 1% vote share
2013 for Vidhan Sabha from Vikaspuri
LOST against Mahinder Yadav
with 0% vote share
2013 for Vidhan Sabha from Ambedkar Nagar
LOST against Ashok Kumar
with 0% vote share
2008 for Vidhan Sabha from R .K. Puram
LOST against Barkha Singh
with 40% vote share
2003 for Vidhan Sabha from Madipur
LOST against Mala Ram Gangwal
with 4% vote share
1998 for Vidhan Sabha from Rohtas Nagar
WON against Alok Kumar
with 43% vote share
1996 for Lok Sabha from Delhi Sadar
LOST against Vijay Kumar Goel
with 0% vote share
Vijay Kumar Goel BJP140,282
Jagdish Tytler INC138,679
Ramakant Sharma CPI4,751
Sat Pal Mahendru AIIC(T)2,722
A.K. Srivastava PHK1,158
K.K. Shukla IND900
Gopi Chand IND606
Surender Puri SHS578
Omvir Singh BSP(R)487
Thakur Suresh Chand BAZP457
Mohd. Yasin Ansari ESP433
Paramjeet Singh IND365
Anuradha ABSR348
R.B. Gupta SMP328
Vijay IND286
Moji Ram ABDD274
Rajender Kumar IND271
Satish Kumar BLTMD263
Satya Prakash Gupta IND224
Ramesh IND219
Jagdish Malhotra IND209
Raj Kishore BKD(J)200
Vimal Chopra IND192
Lovekesh IND189
Raja Ram BCVD189
Gyan Chand Sharma IND173
Kulanand Bhartiya IND168
Ashok Kumar IND162
Harnam Dass BSVP154
Jagdish Chander Dhingra IND143
Shyam Sunder ISC135
Nanak Chand RUD134
Jagan Nath IND134
Yogender Sharma IND117
S.K. Sharma IND107
Narinder Singh IND104
Chaturbhuj Aggarwal IND104
Inderjeet Singh IND93
Anil Gupta IND84
Rajesh Sharda IND74
Gulshan IND74
Rajender Siraswal MSP74
Ashok Sharma IND72
Rakesh Kumar IND70
Baba Ummed Ali SABJAN70
Madan Singh RAM69
H.K.L. Bhagat IND61
Ajay Singh IND56
Madan Singh IND53
Shyam Lal Rathore IND49
Chhavi Kumar Kohli IND48
Onkar Nath IND44
Radhey Shyam Sharma IND42
Bansi Lal Dogra IND42
Naresh Kumar Aggarwal IND40
Rajesh Vasisht IND32
1993 for Vidhan Sabha from Nasirpur
LOST against Vinod Kumar Sharma
with 0% vote share
Vinod Kumar Sharma BJP23,070
Inder Singh Solanki INC21,012
Gian Singh IND4,687
Ramzan Khan JD3,952
Mahender Singh BSP3,413
Bhop Singh IND1,474
Rakesh Kumar JP405
Raghu Nandan IND206
Abhinesh Kumar Singh IND192
Amar Singh Chauhan IND83
Harish Chander Saini IND74
Ram Kumar Dawariwal IND72
Mohan Lal Sharma IND71
Raja Ram Shastri IND61
Rakesh Kumar IND60
Ram Phal IND60
Ved Prakash Thakur IND58
Krishan Chand IND54
Gulshan Rai IND44
Madan Lal IND40
Gain Chand IND38
Kanti Lal IND33
Anand Kumar Singh IND28
Vishan Dass IND25
Mohinder Yadav IND24
Man Mohan DDP24
Prem Dutt IND20
Satsih IND18
Surender Kumar IND18
Shyam Lal Aggarwal IND18
Satender Kumar IND17
Anil Kumar IND17
Ishwar Singh IND16
Prem Singh IND15
Ram Chander IND14
Satbir Sharma IND14
Kudhe Ram IND14
Radhey Shyam Mudgal IND13
Kanwar Singh IND12
Ajit Singh IND11
Davinder Kumar IND11
Sant Dev Singh IND7
Om Prakash IND7
Rajinder Saini IND6
Kamal Haryal IND5
1991 for Lok Sabha from Delhi Sadar
LOST against Jagdish Tytler
with 0% vote share
Jagdish Tytler INC137,453
Vijay Kumar Malhotra BJP123,362
Laxmi Narain Aggarwal JD10,958
Harfool Singh BSP1,896
Rajendra Prasad JP1,639
Avinash Puri DBP733
Pushpa Gupta (W) RPI(A)521
Harbhajan Singh IND439
Subhash Malhotra IND359
Anil Kumar IND293
Vipin Garg LKD274
Vijay Kumar Nagpal IND252
Vittal Patel BLMD220
Rakesh Machanda IND211
Jagdish Lal Narula IND189
Vijay Kumar Gupta IND186
Badru Zanan Khan RPI173
Rajesh Kumar IND171
Vijay Kumar BDP155
Rajender Siraswal RUD138
S.S. Sharma DND136
Shyam Sunder Bhatteja IND135
S. Hardeep Singh IND130
Mahesh Gupta HMS130
Jagdish Roy IND126
Jagdish Chandra Sharma IND115
Mohd. Ramzaan IND106
Shatrughan Singh Chauhan IND105
Ganga Prasad IND104
Rajan IND98
Harish Kumar IND97
Pooran Chand Tamta IND94
Kaluram IND86
Vimal Bhayana IND86
Jagdish Lal IND86
Arun Kumar IND85
Kewal Krishna IND83
Gopal Arya IND76
Sharda Devi (W) IND74
Shyam Sunder Sharma IND74
Mohd. Furqan IND73
Radhey Shyam IND71
Satish Vyas IND62
Rajkumar IND60
R.K. Kaushal IND59
Gokul Chand IND57
Gurmeet Singh IND57
R.P. Gupta IND56
Arun Kumar Jha IND55
Rajiv Sapra IND55
Bhupinder Singh IND51
Chander Prakash IND51
Itwari Lal IND46
Brahm Prakash IND45
K.B. Sachdeva IND44
Deepak Samrat JNP44
Rajender Kumar IND44
Daulat Ram IND38
Surinder Kumar IND38
Chetan Kumar IND37
B.N. Pandey IND36
Mohindra Kumar Jatav IND32
Kaka Joginder Singh Urf Dharti Pakad IND32
Satya Pal Gupta PRC30
Ravinder Kumar IND29
Ajay IND26
Desh Deepak IND25
Sunder IND23
Ramesh Chander Dhingra IND20
Dharmender Singh IND19
Tara Singh Sial IND18
Vijay Kumar Chadha IND17
1980 for Lok Sabha from East Delhi
LOST against H.K.L. Bhagat
with 0% vote share